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Ready to Fly FPV Race Drone - A Quick Look at the Tovsto Falcon 210 - TheRcSaylors

Check it out here: Nate and Abby are excited to get their hands on this ready to fly race drone that comes with everything you need to get in ...


The Holybro Kopis is the best $300 ready-to-fly racing drone you can buy today. And I don't say that lightly. The single biggest reason I love this quad so much is ...


FPV racing drones are fun, fast and sometimes expensive. But thanks to an increase in popularity and technology becoming cheaper we now have some ...

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    Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Photomontage of Overview of the south hangar, including B-29 "Enola Gay" and Concorde

    Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr

  • plane airplane virginia smithsonian dulles unitedstates jet va boeing 707 fairfax panam nationalairandspacemuseum airliner dullesairport chantilly panamerican airandspacemuseum udvarhazy boeing707 smithsonianinstitution stevenfudvarhazycenter kc135 stevenfudvarhazy eyefi boeing36780 dash80 exif:exposure=005sec120 exif:exposure_bias=13ev exif:focal_length=18mm boeing367 boeing36780jettransport camera:make=nikoncorporation exif:aperture=f140 exif:flash=offdidnotfire exif:iso_speed=4000 camera:model=nikond7000 exif:orientation=horizontalnormal exif:lens=18200mmf3556 exif:filename=dsc9962jpg exif:shutter_count=11478 meta:exif=1350345727

    Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Boeing 367-80 (prototype 707, first jet airliner), and De Havilland Canada DHC-1A Chipmunk Pennzoil Special

    Quoting Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | De Havilland-Canada DHC-1A Chipmunk, Pennzoil Special: De Havilland originally designed the Chipmunk after World War II as a primary trainer to replace the...

    Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr

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    09/10/18, via

  • Can the Drone Racing Coalition Take Flight?

    09/07/18, via The Ringer (blog)

    Temkin is the two-heyday champion—and, thus far, the only champion—of the Drone Racing League (DRL), which was founded in 2015 and launched its first season in 2016. His stature as the reigning speed . The simulator—which, like the DRL's drones, is

  • Drone pilots, negligible control airplane fans take to the forest preserve skies: 'If you're not crashing, you're not ...

    08/30/18, via Chicago Tribune

    Some Southland forest preserves are for hiking, some tender opportunities for canoeing or kayaking, and others are mostly for wildlife habitat. But one area preserve has been set aside for flying. At the Tinley Bay Model Airplane Flying Field on

  • Consideration: Parrot Anafi

    09/05/18, via WIRED

    The tribe currently isn't even close, with the Drone King capturing around three quarters of the consumer furnish. But DJI isn't alone out there. But with the introduction of the Anafi, Parrot's first folding, 4K-shooting drone, it looked like the

  • 'Kick out Your Props': Safety and Drone Sports

    08/16/18, via World Air Sports Federation

    Racing drones can go from 0-150km/h in seconds and typically have four propellers spinning at acme speed, which makes them potentially dangerous flying objects. In a large competition like the upcoming 1st FAI Drone Racing Just ecstatic Championship “To

  • Walkera Errand-girl 250 Racing Quadcopter Drone Basic 1 Kit ...
    Walkera Errand-girl 250 Racing Quadcopter Drone Basic 1 Kit ...
  • Walkera Miler 250 Racing Quadcopter Drone Basic 1 Kit ...
    Walkera Miler 250 Racing Quadcopter Drone Basic 1 Kit ...

'Kick out Your Props': Safety and Drone Sports - World Air Sports Federation

A key side of a successful drone race is safety – for spectators, race officials and pilots. Racing drones can go from 0-150km/h in seconds and typically have four propellers spinning at leading speed, which makes them potentially dangerous flying objects. In a large competition like the upcoming 1st FAI Drone Racing Area Championship in Shenzhen, China for example, preparation and planning starts months in advance – and top of the agenda is protection. A well-organised drone race will have a clearly defined layout, with separate areas for spectators, the contest track and pilot and drone preparation. Races then need to be well organised, with those involved clear in their roles and briefed duly on the rules and regulations. The race course itself will be enclosed by specialist netting. Smaller drone enclosures made of like netting may also be used to protect officials or pilots who are in the racing zone. Spectators will be the other side of the netting, well away from any passive danger. The pilot area, where pilots prepare their drones for racing, will also typically be enclosed by netting. It is here that pilots must observe the conventions to remove the propellers from their drones while they work on them. “The very first safety consideration for pilots is propellers,” says David Roberts, a drone racing authority and FAI drone racing official. Pilots in a drone race will have several drones, and they will work on them throughout the competition, tuning them for maximum performance. “To rip off your drone up to a computer, to tune it, to make sure the failsafe is working, that the whole quad is ready to fly – all that can be determined with the propellers off,” explains Roberts. “You necessity the propellers off because if one thing is wrong, then all of a sudden that quad will be flipping around … and it is happening right in front of you uncontrollably. He adds: “Every drive that flies has had a moment where it's been, ‘Oh no. I didn't know that was going to happen. If the propellers are off, he adds, “then it's safe. So that is the first area: take the propellers off. The second part, he adds, is the netting. Typically the netting is 48mm mesh, made of 2mm polyethylene rope and edged so it does not fray. The netting encloses the drone race track at the sides and above, so drones can not fly out. Using proper netting, Roberts says, means “everybody is protected”. Promptly the competition starts, then communication is key – especially when it comes to knowing when pilots and officials can or can not enter the drone race lose sight of, for example. In that instance flags, coloured lights and marshals are typically used to ensure no one enters the contention track at the wrong time. Like in all aviation disciplines, safety is key to what drone racers do and how they perform. Observing the rules and regulations about safeness around the sport is the first step to a successful competition or championship. Source:

Documentary Explores Record of Tiny Whoop Drone Culture - The Daily Telescope

These skimpy, safe drones are flown by FPV (first-person view) pilots who wear goggles to see the drone’s perspective. While correspond to to racing drones seen on television, Tiny Whoops can be flown just about anywhere — which perhaps explains their popularity. In an episode of “ AirV. z Concentration, ” drone video platform AirVuz. com explored the origins of the Tiny Whoop and looked at how this inconsequential aircraft became such a craze in the drone world., to meet with Tiny Whoop pioneer Jesse Perkins at his following’s headquarters. “It’s the fun factor,” Perkins said of the drone’s popularity. “Tiny Whoop, it’s the perfect place to come to FPV, and you not under any condition really leave it. ”. Perkins is often credited with inventing the Tiny Whoop thanks to a series of videos that showed the uniqueness of the drone, but he credits several of his friends justify credit for helping create and popularize the drone. It all stemmed from tinkering with a Blade Inductrix drone, which is produced and sold by Illinois-based Purview Hobby. In addition to speaking with Perkins, AirVuz talked with the creators of the Inductrix at the Horizon Hobby headquarters. The following gives credit to Perkins on its website for popularizing the aircraft and appreciates what he’s done for the industry. “Seeing that community come out of nowhere and come tough and fast was really exciting for us to see,” said Derek Sachtleben, brand manager for Blade and Horizon Sideline. “We definitely recognize what Jesse did with that community. Pilots who fly this class of drone typically fall into two categories: DIY experts, or those who plainly want a ready-to-fly drone out of the box. Those in the first group enjoy tinkering with their Tiny Whoops by modifying it with different motors, propellers, aircraft controllers and frames. For those wanting something that comes pre-built, Horizon Hobby has since added several FPV versions of the Frond Inductrix. Tiny Whoops have caught up with drone racing pilots, who often fly the smaller drones after races or during down interval. While the drones have similar characteristics, their capabilities — and the areas they’re able to fly — are much different. “I think just about every (drone racing pilot) flies a Minuscule Whoop,” said professional drone racer Shaun Taylor, also known as, NytfuryFPV. For more information, get in touch with Tyler Mason, Director of Public Relations, at Brad grew up in a small town in northern Iowa. They were then blessed with two neonate boys within the first four years of marriage. Having babies gave their family a desire to reciprocation to the old paths – to nourish their family with traditional, homegrown foods. and give their boys a chance to know a simple, sustainable way of lifetime. They are currently building a homestead from scratch on two little acres in central Texas. There’s a lot to be done to become a bit self-sufficient, but they are debt-free and get to spend their days living this simple, good life together with their five na children. Source:

Yuneec Introduces Mantis-Q All-New Pocket Folding Drone with Voice Control and Facial Detection to Award ... - sUAS News

Mantis Q Boasts Head Leading 33-Minute Flight Time, Easy-to-Use Flight Controls and Advanced Flight Modes. — Yuneec Universal, the world leader in electric aviation, today announced its all-new Mantis Q, the latest extension of Yuneec’s apportion-winning consumer lineup, is now available for pre-order in the United States. Mantis Q is an adventure ready drone controlled via travelling device or remote, features voice control technology and is small enough to tuck away inside a bag. The Mantis Q also features foldable arms for optimal portability and convenience, up to 33 minutes of battery sustenance and autonomous flight modes with top speeds over 44 miles per hour. Due to its portability, ease-of-use and superior take to one's heels time, the Mantis Q is ideal for adventurers, families and drone enthusiasts. Now available for pre-order on Yuneec. com, the Mantis Q starts at a suggested retail valuation of $499. 99. “The Mantis Q was developed to offer cutting edge, advanced drone features such as voice curb and facial detection in an easy-to-use, ultra portable package,” said Michael Jiang, CEO of Yuneec Foreign. “Consumers will find that the Mantis Q seamlessly integrates into everyday experiences, and they will appreciate the incredible energy operative package that allows up to 33 minutes of flight time to help capture every moment. Articulate Control. With the all new Voice Control feature, users can command Mantis Q just by using their voice. Voice control allows users to rival a photo or begin recording video all without having to manually take their hands off of the controls, making it that much easier to pinch the perfect shot. Mantis Q responds to commands such as “Wake up” for powering on, “Take a picture”, “EP = 'extended play' a video” and “Take a selfie”. It will also respond to the flight commands such as “Take off” to automatically start flying and then come up to a be or auto-landing commands such as “Return home”. Facial Detection and Gesture Control. Other notable features of the Mantis Q register its facial detection and gesture control. Users simply smile at the drone to activate face detection and as gladly as the Mantis Q “sees” the user’s face, it will take a photo from up to 13 feet away. In Gesture Control configuration, Mantis Q will detect a hand waving and it will take a photo. Capture your adventures in stunning 4K. Using an integrated camera, the Mantis Q records turbulent resolution photos and videos. the same goes for up to 4K of recorded videos. The camera can be tilted upwards by up to 20 degrees or shut-eye by 90 degrees during flight. For cinematic camera flights, the Mantis Q also comes with automatic flight modes such as Rove, Point of Interest and Orbit Me. Category-leading flight time and ultra-portable design. Thanks to its vigour-efficient design, the drone can stay in the air for up to 33 minutes, allowing pilots plenty of time to CV great photos and video clips. When folded together, the Mantis Q measures just 6. 6 x 3. 8 x 2. 2 inches and weighs just 1 confine. It’s the ideal companion for big and small adventures alike. Source:
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