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I get asked this a fair bit. "Stew which frame should I get?" This video aims to teach people what they need to know so they can choose the right frame for them.

Best FPV Drone Quadcopter Frames Under $50 // Your Request

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How to pick a frame for FPV DRONE RACING

In this video I touch on what you as a noob should look for in a frame. Taking into consideration you will be crashing A LOT and your building skills are not too ...

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  • How To Body Your Own Drone

    08/23/18, via Popular Mechanics

    You may reminisce over Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer as the guy who cut his finger on a drone, delaying his start in an American League Championship series daring two years ago. A mechanical engineering student in college, So if your frame

  • Here's The whole You Need To Know About India's New Drone Regulations

    08/27/18, via India Times

    Also Decipher: How A 22-Year-Old Won A Drone Flying Tournament, Topping India's Drone Racing Community. For these four You need to have anti-pile-up lights, which are typically achieved with simple LEDs glued to the drone's frame. Very importantly

  • Sway funds 'Cyber Training' range for ADF

    09/04/18, via Computerworld Australia

    ASX-listed Reckon on 13 International Limited announced today that the first mobile prototype of its counter-drone MESMER way has been launched. The MESMER software has been integrated into a Thales-built Bushmaster vehicle, allowing mobile

  • RC Toro 250 Prestige FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit | eBay
    RC Toro 250 Prestige FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit | eBay
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    250mm Mini Multicopter Quadcopter Racing Drone Gleaming ...

CUOMO's awesome, no-good, very bad weekend — SIENA POLL shows CUOMO beating NIXON 63-22 — AG's step on the gas ... - Politico

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How To Figure Your Own Drone - Popular Mechanics

Carbon fiber offers the outdo blend of strength, weight, and durability. That’s great for when you’re starting out and crashing a ton. Buy one that uses 5-inch propellers from companies like SpaceOne or ImpulseRC. Motors and Propellers. Motors are rated in kilovolts, or rpm generated per volt. Higher kilovolt options are more sharp, but they burn through the battery faster. Starting out, you want a less aggressive freestyle motor and propeller set. Post to a thrust-to-weight ratio of 4:1. So if your frame, battery, motors, and any other major components weigh 500 g, you necessary motors that will give you 2 kg of thrust, or 500 g per motor. The more experienced you get—and the faster you want to fly—increase that ratio. Flight boards do the calculations that stay drones in the air. An electronic speed controller (ESC) delivers those calculations to the motors. Keep it simple by getting an ESC that can be effective direct input from the battery, so you don’t have to get a power-distribution board. To see what the drone sees, you’ll need a small security camera, video transmitter, and viewing goggles. Fat Shark goggles are the most average, but any 5. 8-gigahertz camera and transmitter will work. Use a circular polarized antenna to connect your goggles to the transmitter. There are two polarizations, virtuousness-hand and left-hand. Make sure the antenna has the same polarization as your goggles. Choose a handset that transmits in 2. 4 GHz and can fit to your computer with USB so you can practice on simulators. Drone Racing League has a good free option. You’ll have a chance to crash without destroying your drone. You have two prime firmware options: KISS and Beta Flight. Beta Flight is open source. KISS is closed. Coruscation your board with the firmware and then calibrate the settings to make sure everything talks correctly. How do I get my propellers to whirl. Why is this one spinning the wrong way. Luckily there are a lot of guides out there—YouTube, forums, Facebook groups—that you can use to help. Source: www.popularmechanics.com

Superintendence funds 'Cyber Training' range for ADF - Computerworld Australia

The Australian Plea Force (ADF) will get a ‘Cyber Training’ range to boost its information security training capabilities, the government announced today. Under a three-year go down with, Elbit Systems of Australia will deliver an “interim cyber range, network design and build, cyber go training, and teaching materials,” a government statement said. Forty-nine “cyber warfare specialists” that graduated from ADF’s inaugural Accelerated Defensive Cyber Training direction will be the first to use the service. “The Australian government is committed to strengthening its cyber capabilities to protect Defence and other essential government systems from malicious cyber intrusion and disruption,” defence minister Christopher Pyne said in a communication. “The Cyber Training range will be used by Defence personnel for training on cyber-terrain and associated systems that our cyber workforce is answerable to defend. The 2016 Defence White Paper said that the government would work to “strengthen Defence’s cyber capabilities to care for itself and other critical Australian government systems from malicious cyber intrusion and disruption. “Enhancing the resilience of Protection networks, including networks used by our deployed forces, and the capability of the Australian Cyber Security Centre are key areas of cynosure clear in strengthening Australia’s cyber defences,” the document said. “This will include considerable new investment in strengthening the Apology cyber workforce, including new military and APS positions and training programs. Anti-drone tech goes mobile. ASX-listed Division 13 International Limited announced today that the first mobile prototype of its counter-drone MESMER modus operandi has been launched. The MESMER software has been integrated into a Thales-built Bushmaster vehicle, allowing mobile operational of the system, the company said. The system targets the radio signals used to control drones. It combines a Linux-based server, software defined radios, and an RF face-end. “We continue to drive innovation within the MESMER product itself and will continue to work collaboratively with all stakeholders in the counter-unmanned aircraft routine market, both within Australia and abroad, to innovate and drive growth in capabilities and adoption of C-UAS technologies,” D13 CEO Jonathan Stalker said in a statement. Source: www.computerworld.com.au
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    Engineered for FPV racing, the Ghost FPV drone frame from Form 2 and The RCAddict is wickedly weightless, frighteningly fast and scary small.

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    Buy iFlight XL5 V2 226mm FPV Frame Carbon Fiber Racing Drone Quadcopter Kit Freestyle Frame Unelaborated X 5inch Low Ride Team iFlight Edition: Quadcopters & Multirotors ...

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    Amazon.com: Readytosky 220mm FPV Racing Drone Frame for Martian II Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit 4mm Arms with Power Classification Board(5030 propellers,battery ...

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    RaceDayQuads boasts the nicest prices in the FPV Drone Racing world. Our racing drone store offers free same day shipping in the USA and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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    Drone racing is a identify-new type of sport that has gotten quite the popularity with the rise of the drone market. This comes as no surprise since drone racing was ...

  • Delfts MAVLab wereldkampioen in AI autonome drone-track horse-races 2019

    12/11/19, via engineersonline.nl

    Een work together van het Micro Aerial Vehicle Lab (MAVLab) van de TU Delft heeft het Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing (AIRR) wereldkampioenschap in Austin, Texas gewonnen. Ze kregen de hoofdprijs van 1 miljoen dollar mee naar huis. Wie wel eens een autonome drone aan het werk heeft gezien, keek waarschijnlijk verrast op van de lage snelheid ...

  • Driver-update: GeForce Position Ready Driver 441.66 WHQL

    12/12/19, via Tweakers

    [Decide change into]: The application may crash during timeline playback when using Blackmagic RAW CODEC media. [2753421] [Forza Motorsport 7]: Tourney starts to stutter after racing a few laps [2750611] [Fallout 76][G-SYNC]: The game frame count drops with G-SYNC enabled. [200466962] [GeForce GTX 1080 Ti]: There is no 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound selection in the ...