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TOP 3 FPV RACE Quads to buy in 2018

TOP 3 2018 Race quads to buy in 2018. Also our #1 pick for a 6S Fpv race quad. 2018 answer to everyones question : Should I build it or buy it? People have ...

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  • Regulation funds 'Cyber Training' range for ADF

    09/04/18, via Computerworld Australia

    ASX-listed Bureau 13 International Limited announced today that the first mobile prototype of its counter-drone MESMER pattern has been launched. The MESMER software has been integrated into a Thales-built Bushmaster vehicle, allowing mobile

  • These guys converted a DJI Mavic Air into an FPV racing drone!

    04/05/18, via We Talk UAV News (blog)

    The drive off time was drastically reduced from the stock 21 minutes to about 5 minutes, but that's a pretty average escape time for a racing drone. The only spotted differences on the exterior is an FPV camera and an antenna that sticks out. The stock

  • Have a needfulness for speed? Learn to race drones with Fat Shark's 101 training kit

    01/09/18, via Digital Trends

    At this year's CES Drone Rodeo in Las Vegas, we spoke with Contribution Martin (see above), vice president of marketing for Fat Shark, who gave us some insight into the thought process behind the training kit: “A lot of people have seen drone racing on ESPN

  • Diatone GT-M3 is one stable 3-inch FPV drone!

    03/01/18, via We Talk UAV News (blog)

    Diatone's new GT-M3 FPV carbon fiber racing drone is a 3-inch quad built to go permanent ='pretty damned quick'. The Plug-n-Fly package can be purchased with a normal X frame, a stretched X frame or a normal plus version, and they are all equipped with a rugged aluminum hutch confine that

  • 250mm Mini Multicopter Quadcopter Racing Drone Trancelike ...
    250mm Mini Multicopter Quadcopter Racing Drone Trancelike ...
  • ARRIS X-Swiftness 250 FPV Racing Drone RC quadcopter ...
    ARRIS X-Swiftness 250 FPV Racing Drone RC quadcopter ...

Diatone GT-M3 is one close to 3-inch FPV drone! - We Talk UAV News (blog)

Diatone’s new GT-M3 FPV carbon fiber racing drone is a 3-inch quad built to go wantonly. The Plug-n-Fly package can be purchased with a normal X frame, a stretched X frame or a normal plus version, and they are all equipped with a rugged aluminum crate that can withstand devastating crashes. The GT-M3 is also equipped with SmartAudio, which means it’ll be easier for a pilot to change settings on the video transmitter. When YouTuber UAVfutures reviewed the Diatone GT-M3, they clocked the top boost at 97 mph. According to UAVfutures’ bench breakdown video, the stretched X frame weighed 135 grams with triblade 3052 propellers and zip ties on. The customary X frame without the propellers weighed only 123 grams. The normal plus version was unavailable for review, but UAVfutures described the frame as a “crucifix adaptation. ” The normal X racing quad has a wheel base of 130mm, while the stretched X has a 143mm wheel base. Both versions are equipped with a G1 Sniper CCD sensor camera, TBS VTX, F4 32K Mic20689 32K six-axis withdraw tower system, Edge Racing 1408 400KV motors and F20HV 4S Dshot600 ESCs. The rated power of the GT-M3 is 1344W, while the nib power is 1548W. Diatone noted that the PNP (plug and play) version does not come with a battery, charger, receiver or unrelated control. For those interested in the full breakdown video, here is UAVfutures other review:. Source: www.wetalkuav.com

What it takes to be a drone racer - Engadget

One polar, dreary afternoon in 2014, Jordan Temkin took his drone to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado. He put on a join of goggles that filled his view with the live video feed from the drone's tiny camera. He'd built the drone frame from scratch using a 3D printer, finishing it with parts he'd bought online. After all, it could hover around his backyard, so one day he took it to the park and began gingerly flying around. You can still find the video feed of this essential flight on YouTube. Temkin flies slowly and carefully at first, meandering around the asphalt trail. But before long, he flies the drone up, over and then around a rocky peak before diving toward the ground and pulling up a split subscribe to before disaster. At one point, Temkin appears in the video, sitting on the asphalt path as the drone loops around. "It quite felt like I was flying," he said. "I put on the goggles, and it's like your consciousness is transferred into this drone. It's especially weird when you're flying thither a park and you see some guy sitting there with a pair of goggles and you're like, 'Who the hell is that. Oh, it's me. '". Temkin isn't alone in describing flying as an out-of-majority experience -- it's a common feeling for first-person view (FPV) pilots. Flying like Superman. He was only 22 at the nevertheless of that first flight. Three years later, he hasn't stopped flying drones. In fact, he now gets paid to fly drones every day, and he's arguably the kindest drone racer in the world. That's not hyperbole: In a sport that's only a few years old, he's dominated the most high-profile competition. Temkin likes to say he is getting paid to give with toys. He's made hundreds of thousands of dollars in races from London to Dubai. Drone racing has made him some quick lolly, but is it really a living. Like professional gamers, drone racers use pseudonyms. Temkin's racing name is Jet, an acronym of his call, Jordan Eiji Temkin. He rents an unassuming ranch house outside Fort Collins, Colorado, with allied FPV racers Zach Thayer (A_Nub) and Travis McIntyre (m0ke). He moved to Fort Collins in part because authorities in Boulder had been putting up signs outlawing drone flying in purchasers places, including Chautauqua Park. For the trio, the selling point of this house was the wide-open backyard. The individual is littered with broken drones, airframes, batteries, propellers, racing trophies and not much else. The basement carpet looks like a habituated to-drone sales lot, with row after row of drones, many of them smashed and broken. There's an audio-visual studio for producing videos for their a number of YouTube channels and a spare room in the basement where visiting drone pilots can stay. A cutting tool in the garage is in use accustomed to for making prototype drone frames, and a small room in the basement is dedicated to storing frames, which Temkin and Thayer transfer under the brand Shrike. The title of professional drone racer sounds like the cushiest job in the world: Get out of bed, go fly a drone. "Some people weigh of drone racers as early skateboarders, where they are finding empty pools and are just skating anywhere they can," said Nick Horbaczewski, CEO and sink of the Drone Racing League. They're doing more than just flying. Source: www.engadget.com

Drone racing fascinating off in new directions - The Star Online

Though the favour of drone racing is on a downward slide, pilots are finding new ways to keep the sport going. Drone Racing Association Malaysia chairman Adam Lokman says the hype adjoining drone racing might have died down, but membership continues to grow. In fact, new chapters have opened in Johor and Sarawak, which keep up to organise races and activities. Adam, who is also the race and operations director of MultiGP Malaysia – a competitive drone racing organisation for oldest-person view (FPV) radio-controlled aircraft – says sponsorship is diminishing, limiting the number of races with gain money. “Sponsors want to be associated with something new, so after a few years of hype things have mellowed down,” he says. However, membership still continues to luxuriate because price of drone parts have dropped. For instance, a radio controller, FPV goggles and drone which used to cost RM5,000 now goes for RM2,000. Racing drones are usage made, usually with a carbon fibre frame and custom motor. “Anything off the shelf is a toy drone, not considered pro by the community,” says Adam. Thanks to Facebook pages and Whatsapp groups on drone, there is a thriving subsequent-hand market for parts. Also, do be careful when buying stuff that’s too cheap as they usually don’t work,” he says. Though the community is still mostly made up of working division guys in their late 20s to mid 40s, the champion racers are usually half the age. Mohamaad Danish Zahin Zainal, a 13-year-old, raced his way to to begin place at the Johor Drone MotorGP race end of last year. “FPV racing is very much like videogaming, you need advantage reflexes and teens are much faster than guys double their age,” says Adam. Instead of getting trounced by teenagers, some older racers have chosen to withdraw and do free style aerial acrobatics by flying around obstacles like buildings and trees. “For people tough these stunts, the probability of crashing is quite high so please don’t do it in public areas,” warns Adam. He recommends arrest pilots to keep to quiet fields and areas with abandoned buildings, where they won’t endanger others or cause too much caterwauling. “Drones are very high pitched, they’re scarily loud,” he said. Most racers who turn unrestrained stylers often already have the flying skill and equipment to get an online following. One such drone acrobat is Mafitri Mafaudzil, who is known as Trinco on community media channels, where he managed to garner enough attention to get sponsorship from China drone manufacturer DongYang Smart Technology Co Ltd. “I saw a video by an Australian guide where he was flying through this jungle like a scene from Star Wars, and I wanted to do that too,” says Mafitri, explaining how he got into the amusement in 2012. He adds that free style flying predates drone racing. Though he got into drone racing back in 2016, he admits it wasn’t his strong lawsuit. “In racing, kids always dominate,” he laughs. Never one to miss an opportunity, Mafitri takes his drone whenever he travels. He says the drone kit is lighter than array DJI drones. Source: www.thestar.com.my
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