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How to Build Best Budget FPV Racing Drone 2018 // #HOWTO #FPV #DRONE

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Drone Flying Tips - FPV Beginner Mistakes

Flying FPV quadcopters is challenging. And racing FPV is even more so. This video points out 7 common mistakes that beginners in FPV flying make and how to ...

How to Choose the right drone battery! C-Rating? Mah? Cells? All explained.

How to choose the right lipo/ battery for you fpv racing drone. Learn about C - rating, cell count, voltage and size/capacity/mah. After this you will be able to find ...

  • flying carbon propeller rc copter koa posten fpv drone videolink brushless quadrocopter fpvracing cp215

    CP215KOA used front

    FPV Racecopter CP215KOA from CarbonPosten

    Photo by Hallojoh on Flickr

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    09/10/18, via

  • Can the Drone Racing In cahoots with Take Flight?

    09/07/18, via The Ringer (blog)

    His significance as the reigning speed demon of drone racing entitles him to a one-year, $100,000 contract with DRL—a better deal than working three non-drone-racing jobs at a measure, as he used to do, especially considering the regular rushes of adrenaline

  • Supranational Drone Racing Grand Prix ends in SW China's Chongqing

    08/24/18, via Xinhua

    Any drone could be used to type, however competitive FPV (first person view) racing leagues require drones to meet certain standards. Lin believes that as an worldwide event, the race will expand popularity among Chinese young people and boost the

  • Top drone hop to it enters China

    08/13/18, via Chinadaily USA

    With a top go hell for leather of around 140 kilometers per hour, drones used in the race can reach zero to 100 km/h within 1.6 seconds. The Drone Champions Compared with stock racing, drone racing offers an epoch-making experience for pilots and audiences

  • 'Liftoff' fully releases on Steam on September 13, 2018

    09/03/18, via PC Invasion (blog)

    Created to lay the high speed excitement of drone racing, Liftoff aims to open up the FPV racing experience to everyone, from skilled pilots and practised drone racers, to gamers who are interested in taking their first tentative steps into the drone

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    Floureon Racer 250 6CH FPV Racing Drone 1000TVL Camera ...
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Drone Pilots Lineage from Sailboat Steered by Olympic Gold Medalists - The Drive

The Drone Racing Alliance partnered up with one of the world’s most professional and renown nautical-race sailing crews, Team Brunel, to mature Drone x Ocean Racers. The collaboration features the best drone pilots and sailors in the world coming together for some aerial acrobatics and aquatic justness on the coast of Gothenburg, Sweden, using the bow of a 65-foot sailboat to launch drones from as the vessel faces 15-knot winds. In happening you’ve managed to keep up with the drone industry but somehow haven’t heard of the DRL, the eSport and media company has become increasingly more amply-funded, popular, and mainstream in the past three years. From partnering with BMW to working on the world’s fastest racing drone ( which the DRL holds the Guinness Elated Record for ) to establishing itself as an eSport and media contender from France to Saudi Arabia, the DRL is steadily soaring into the popularized consciousness. Naturally, the next step was to link up with Team Brunel to combine the two most organically-fused sports ready: Sailing and drone racing. As you can see from the footage captured on Tuesday, DRL pilots Niklas “UpsidedownFPV” Solle and Dino Joghi’s tax-built FPV (first-person view) DRL Racer3 drones are swooping and soaring above and around the Collaborate Brunel boat, from which the UAVs launched and inevitably return to when landing inside the end goal. Of course, not all things went as planned on Monday, as the 15-knot winds and choppy waters caused one DRL drone to crash into the abundance with another one landing atop a nearby crane (don’t worry, it has since been recovered). Piloting an FPV drone is certainly simultaneously disorienting and arousing enough when the camera’s facing you as you sit stationary in one position, but operating these UAVs while being moved across choppy water by a sailboat is doubtless quite another experience entirely. “It was an absolutely amazing experience to fly DRL drone from Team Brunel’s sailboat,” said Solle in a DRL put through a mangle release. All in all, however, this seemed like tremendous fun, and an example of how simple it is to have fun racing UAVs and learning about other sports. As a matter of deed data, three Team Brunel members were so excited to learn about drone racing that the two DRL pilots taught them how to pilot Racer3 UAVs in an immoral factory prior to capturing this footage on the ocean. “Flying a DRL drone from a heeling boat was definitely one of the most great freestyle sessions I’ve ever had,” said Joghi in the DRL press release. While the ocean racers used the wind to pirouette and push the boat forward, UpsidedownFPV and I had to avoid getting our drones caught in the same wind. Team Brunel took the experience to join DRL in this endeavor while competing in and winning the second-to-last leg of a 46,000-mile ocean race. As for Solle and Joghi, the two DRL pilots are focused on the 2018 DRL Allianz Dialect birth b deliver Championship Season, which concludes in Saudi Arabia later this year. Source: www.thedrive.com
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    Practice first person view Become an FPV drone racing pilot thanks to three new flying modes. Start with the Unoppressive mode, which keeps your drone in the air even if ...

  • How to Get Started with Drone Racing and Mini Quad FPV ...

    This tutorial explains what mini quad racing is, why FPV drone racing is getting prevailing, tips on getting started and the components building a quadcopter.

  • FPV Racing Drones - AMain Hobbies

    Snitch on for FPV Racer at AMain Hobbies ... Blade Vortex 230 FPV Racer Bind-N-Fly Basic Quadcopter Drone