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FPV FRAMES Episode! - Giveaway, Beginner Advice, & Long Range Fpv Frames

FRAMES Episode! Win a Blue Dragon "Vertical Arm" 5" Fpv Racer frame. Subscribe, make a comment, let us know where you are from, and wait until June 28th.


I get asked this a fair bit. "Stew which frame should I get?" This video aims to teach people what they need to know so they can choose the right frame for them.

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    09/10/18, via

  • 'Liftoff' fully releases on Steam on September 13, 2018

    09/03/18, via PC Invasion (blog)

    Liftoff features 21 loyal-life drone frames (which can be customized), 14 environments to race around in, along with a track editor for creative users to let their thought run wild with. The game has built a solid Created to capture the high

  • What users should be informed about flying drones in India

    09/06/18, via Livemint

    Drone companies will have to increase new drones or provide embedded hardware that plugs in existing drones, connecting them to the Digital Sky app,” says Karan Kamdar, destroyed of Indian Drone Racing League. This means Meanwhile, nano drone buyers

  • Documentary Explores Past of Tiny Whoop Drone Culture

    08/13/18, via The Daily Telescope

    While equivalent to racing drones seen on television, Tiny Whoops can be flown just about anywhere — which perhaps explains their popularity. In an episode of “AirV?z Cynosure clear,” drone video platform fun factor,” Perkins said of the drone's popularity

  • 3D Printing a More advisedly Quadcopter Frame

    01/15/18, via Hackaday

    Having said that, [Paweł Spychalski] has recently shown off his 3D printed FPV racing quadcopter attitude with some surprising results. The frame ended up being surprisingly stiff, and while the weight is a bit high, it's actually lighter than he expected

  • Upgrade 250mm FPV Racing Drone Figure mood Fiber Glass for QAV ...
    Upgrade 250mm FPV Racing Drone Figure mood Fiber Glass for QAV ...
  • RC Toro 250 Distinction FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit | eBay
    RC Toro 250 Distinction FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit | eBay

'Liftoff' fully releases on Steam on September 13, 2018 - PC Trespass (blog)

If you conceive of drones are only meant for taking pretty pictures and shooting cool footage, think again. High-skedaddle drone-racing title Liftoff has been in the Steam Early Access program all the way back since 2015. Now, three years later, it’s about to hover out in the open for real as a full release. Its launch day is set for September 13, 2018. Liftoff features 21 natural-life drone frames (which can be customized), 14 environments to race around in, along with a track editor for creative users to let their creativity run wild with. The game has built a solid reputation among professional members of the real drone-racing community, with some who’ve played then succeeding on to win actual races themselves. LuGus Studios will launch Liftoff, the world’s leading drone racing sim, on September 13th. Do you have what it takes to old hand your craft and own the skies. 30th August, Hasselt, Belgium: LuGus Studios are thrilled to announce that Liftoff will be leaving anciently access and taking to the skies on Thursday, 13th September. Created to capture the high speed exhilaration of drone racing, Liftoff aims to open up the FPV racing experience to everyone, from skilled pilots and veteran drone racers, to gamers who are interested in winning their first tentative steps into the drone racing community. During their time in Early Access Liftoff conquered the arctic gird, was used as a $1600 clue on TV show Jeopardy and has been used by the French military as a training tool to test the reflexes of their pilots. Liftoff has been built with authenticity at its core, featuring simulated drone physics that have been painstakingly recreated to obscure the line between video game and reality. Since the game was revealed, LuGus Studios have applied 85 updates to Liftoff, integrated 21 true life drone frames, built 14 environments for racers to explore and created a dedicated competitive league. Liftoff also features a thorough track editor which has seen nearly 3000 tracks built by Liftoff’s passionate community. “The drone racing community is filled with resourceful minds and budding engineers and it’s the passion of this community that has helped us shape Liftoff throughout Early Access,” said Kevin Haelterman, Co-Go lame of LuGus Studios. “Through the support of the community, their feedback has fuelled our attention to detail and allowed us to be Liftoff the definitive drone racing experience, offering players the most true to life experience possible. Even though we’re overwrought to launch out of Early Access, we will continue refining and supporting Liftoff long into the future. In addition to the trail editor which allows players to build and share custom race tracks, Liftoff also offers the adeptness to completely customise your drone to make it uniquely your own. LuGus Studios plans for Liftoff to extend far beyond the September on date too and will keep adding new content and features to evolve the game through the support of the Liftoff community. While the unflinching is used professionally and has seen pilots go on to win real life races, Liftoff is still a game at heart and will launch filled to the gunwales with new content including environments, drones and cosmetic rewards, while additional track building tools. Source: www.pcinvasion.com

3D Printing a Gambler Quadcopter Frame - Hackaday

Before you smash the “Assignment Comment” button with the fury of Zeus himself, we’re going to go ahead and say it: if you want to build a decent quadcopter, buy a commercial case-mounting. They are usually one of the cheaper parts of the build, they’re very light for how strong they are, and replacement parts are easily accessible. While you could argue the cost of PLA/ABS filament is low enough now that printing it would be cheaper than buying, you aren’t going to be able to make a control superiors quadcopter frame on a 3D printer than what’s available on the commercial market. Having said that, [Paweł Spychalski] has recently shown off his 3D printed FPV racing quadcopter give form with some surprising results. The frame ended up being surprisingly stiff, and while the weight is a bit high, it’s actually lighter than he expected. If you’re looking to strengthen a quad with the absolute minimum of expense his design might be something to look into. Of course, [Paweł] is hardly the first in the flesh to think about printing a quad frame. But he did give his design some extra consideration to try and overcome some of the shortcomings he noticed in existing 3D printed designs. For one, willingly prefer than have four separate arms that mount to a central chassis, his design has arms that go all the way across with a thick tolerate that goes between the motors. The central chassis is also reassuringly thick, adding to the overall stiffness of the frame. The key here is that [Paweł] printed all the parts with 2 mm plentiful walls. While that naturally equates to longer print times and greater overall weight, it’s probably more than worth it to construct sure the frame doesn’t snap in half the first time it touches the ground. Beyond the printed parts, all you needfulness to assemble this frame are about a dozen M3 nuts and bolts. Overall, between the hardware and the plastic you’re looking at a total cost of under $5 USD. In the video below [Paweł] puts the framework through its paces doing some acrobatic maneuvers, and it looks like 5 bucks well spent to us. If you want to go all-in on 3D printed quadcopter parts, you can duo this frame with some printed propellers. Perhaps even a printed camera gimbal while you’re at it. . After watch the video exceptionally the FPV footage I was trying to put myself in the pilots seat so to speak but found the view to be very limiting. As some of the maneuvers were performed I found myself leaving much to be desired to look up or over my shoulder, left and right to maintain my sense of perspective or reference I suppose. Are all FPV systems restricted or are there gamester systems that give a much wider field of view. It seems like two video subsystems might be an approach for those that would like to study the flight in decent resolution after the flight whilst still be able to drive through a low-latency view, which typically requires sacrifices in pledge to boost framerate. The normal moderate resolution low-latency stream is transmitted to the pilot, while the high explication stream would be written to microSD. for after-flight viewing. STM32F4x supports a snappy 4-bit wide SDcard interface for pulling the waterway off the camera if the pins for it are available. The viewpoint controlled by the pilot, we use no extra bandwidth and pull the card out after to monkey tricks on our tablets. Source: hackaday.com

Shire boy races top drone pilots at Pleasant Hill - Mansfield News Journal

PERRYSVILLE - Luke Gearhart looked over his new drone Saturday between races at Nice Hill Lake Park. He got the craft two days earlier, on this 11th birthday. "I've been flying, in all, for four years," said the teenaged Bellville native. The event was not only the first outdoor quadcopter drone race for Gearhart, but also the debut first-myself view drone race held at Pleasant Hill. "They want to make this an annual event," said David Stockdale, a associate of Buckeye FPV Racing, the largest first-person view drone club in central Ohio. He said the park contacted the join last fall to organize the day of drone racing. Gearhart became interested in radio-controlled vehicles after his grandpa bought him a toy wireless-controlled helicopter. He then got a car and a boat before getting his first small drone to race indoors. He raced Stockdale and others in Columbus over the winter. "He's absolutely good," Stockdale said of the young drone pilot. The 31 racers Saturday navigated their racing drones through a designated without a doubt — they had to go around flags and through circular gates faster than everyone else. Some wrecked into each other, others into the by all means markers and the most unfortunate into the lake itself. "It's kind of a nerve thing," Stockdale said of the optional orbit shortcut that went over the water. "You go in the water and you're done. You could let it sit for a couple of days and let it dry out and then turn it on and see what works, but it's probably done. The drones aren't shoddy. Stockdale said most racers buy the frames, motors, computer panels, video cameras and batteries independently, then assemble them at home. It takes about $700 to get started, but some systems costs more than $2,000. "You can make all sorts of adjustments and fly it the way you deficiency to fly it," Stockdale said. "That's all adjustable through the computer. Every pilot is required to carry a $1 million indemnification policy before racing, in case someone is injured during a crash. They also must demonstrate to race organizers their drone's fail-safe will pressure the craft to land if the controls ever malfunction. "We don't let a pilot fly until they have all of those," Stockdale said. Gearhart and his parents — Larry and Ronda — set up a tent next to the fenced-off type course Saturday. Their camp was filled with extra drone parts, battery chargers and miscellaneous racing gear. Each battery only holds enough excitement for one race, which is over in two minutes, and take about 17 minutes to charge. "We even have a course at home," Ronda said — her calm and son practice there frequently, one younger flying while his dad acts as crew chief and spotter. And they were all eager to help the uninitiated phenom. "These are a pretty good group of guys," Stockdale said. "There are pilot skill levels here ranging from bloody beginner all the way up to pro. Source: www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com
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