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High Speed FPV Proximity with 250 FPV Racer

After a long time, I got a chance to fly my old 250 FPV Racing Quadcopter again. It was fun, though my skills are getting rusty but I tried my best to get a good fast ...

Eachine Racer 250 Drone Flight Test Review

This quadcopter may be the perfect entry level quadcopter for FPV racing . Buy it here ...

Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone Review - Part 2 - [Flight & Crash Test]

Here's a thorough flight test of the Eachine 250 FPV Race Drone : Add your own RX/TX Version: http://goo.gl/2c3gyx FPV Screen and VRX included version: ...

  • square squareformat amaro iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram

    While everybody is gazillion miles away with their top of the line racing quad, here I am still putzing around with a Hubsan and scratching my head how to install an FPV system on my 250-size budget quad that has never flown yet! #drone #multir

    Photo by Island Capture (aka Silverph or psilver) on Flickr

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    09/10/18, via

  • New Drone Principles in India: It's Bitter-Sweet News for Amazon, Microsoft and Google

    08/28/18, via DATAQUEST

    The regulations that have come into go on are based on the weight of the drone using which they have been segregated into five categories namely nano (less than or equal to 250gm), micro (250 gm to 2kg), undersized (2kg to 25kg), medium (25kg to 150kg) and

  • Fat Shark 101 drone kit will have you FPV racing for $250

    12/21/17, via CNET

    All of this is to say Fat Shark, the unrivalled maker of FPV goggles for drone racing, has put together a killer kit with everything you need to learn to fly a racing drone without the headaches, frustration or costs I just mentioned. Bonus, it gives you

  • UK drone laws: No-fly zones explained

    12/16/17, via Tech Advisor

    but the UK supervision is bringing in registration soon along with safety tests, in November 2019. Any recreational drone weighing more than 250 grams will have to be registered, which includes DJI's Jot or tittle. but presents a problem as you won't

  • Introducing the FS500 demonstration event at FAI World Drone Racing Cup

    07/03/18, via sUAS News

    The FS500 V2.0 study has been significantly improved from the V1.0 to achieve similar performance to the current racing spec 250 quads, while providing the spectators with a larger drone to heed. Although comparable in performance, the FS500 is a

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    ARRIS FPV250 250mm FPV RC Mini Racing Drone Pleasure ...
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    RC Toro 250 Realm FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit | eBay

UK drone laws: No-fly zones explained - Tech Advisor

You'll be tickled pink to know that, yes, it is legal to fly a drone in the UK. Currently, you do not have to register a new drone, but the law will change soon so that all new drones above a certain weight will have to be registered. But that doesn't betoken you can fly wherever and however you like. There's a UK dronecode, a simple set of rules, to ensure you fly safely and legally. But with the police now having powers to land drones if they're flouting the law, it pays to know the dronecode inside out before you take off. We'll also explain the equivalent rules in sure other countries in case you want to take your drone on holiday to capture some great aerial video. What is the UK law for drones. The necessary change to the law, which came into effect on 30 July 2018 is that drones must be flown no higher than 400 feet / 120m. And they must not be flown within 1km of airports. In items, the UK dronecode has always restricted drones to 400 feet, but these new rules are now enforceable by law and you can be prosecuted for flouting them. Here are the six rules of the dronecode:. Maintain your drone in your line of sight Stay below 400ft (120m) You must follow the manufacturer's instructions Keep your distance ( 50m from people and means, 150m from crowds and built-up areas) You are responsible for each flight Keep at least 1km away from aircraft, airports and airfields The think rationally for choosing a height of 400 feet, according to the CAA, is because this is generally what is measured as the limit of normal, unaided sight. Horizontally, the limit on flying is 500 metres from you – considerably further than 400ft. In realistically, it's easy to lose track of a drone at around 200-250m away from you. The important thing is to make sure you can see the drone you're controlling as you're top for it. As long as you abide by these rules and only fly in open spaces and parks where drones are allowed, you won’t get into trouble. There have been a few cases so far of drone owners being prosecuted and they typically draw in people blatantly flouting the rules. The law could change before November 2019, though, with ministers wanting to introduce a slightest age for owning a drone over 250g and forcing pilots to use apps to plan their flights before taking off. They also want drones to be 'electronically identifiable' on the sod so their owners can be tracked. Plus, they are proposing increases to the maximum fine for flying a a no-fly zone, which is currently restricted to £2,500. If you're planning to use your drone for paid work you will need Permission for Aerial Work, which has to be renewed annually. The law may be rare in other countries. Sweden, for example, now requires drone owners to acquire a permit before flying - as the government deems the drones 'observation devices', even if they don't have a camera installed. You also have to register drones with the FAA in the US. Can my drone be identified in flight. If you own a DJI drone that works with the DJI Go 4 app, you can voluntarily broadcast light out information (not personal. Source: www.techadvisor.co.uk

Introducing the FS500 showing event at FAI World Drone Racing Cup - sUAS News

While all eyes will be on Les Comes in July for the Barcelona F3U Wonderful Cup, a much-anticipated part of the programme is the Freespace FS500 Exhibition Event. The FS500 V2. 0 design has been significantly improved from the V1. 0 to get similar performance to the current racing spec 250 quads, while providing the spectators with a larger drone to follow. Although comparable in show, the FS500 is a little less agile than a 250 racer. However this is actually a positive characteristic in that its flight is more flowing and organically grown looking in the air, making the FS500 much easier to follow with the naked eye. One of the specific aims of the FS500 is to create a much more visually appealing acquaintance for the live fans. This will also flow through to the broadcast audience with the aim of widening drone racings mainstream appeal and attracting further sponsorship into the divertissement. The FS500 is a highly refined aircraft weighing 2kg with up to 5kW of motor power at it’s disposal. The power train consists of a 6s 3000mAh graphene battery driving support 900 kV motors through a 50A ESC. Fitted with 10″ x 5. 5″ props the FS500 has a maximum aircraft stick just over 12kg. It sports a robust and aerodynamic polycarbonate fairing, with plenty of room for sponsor logos, on a carbon strand chassis rounded out with a Dual camera system running a broadcast HD alongside a pilot feed. The FAI Les Comes FS500 Demonstration Event will consist of 4 teams, each running the same spec FS500 in is a series of practice sessions throughout the weekend, culminating in a sure event on the Sunday which is 20 minutes in length. Source: www.suasnews.com

Hong Kong drone owners may deprivation license to fly - We Talk UAV News (blog)

Hong Kong’s Non-military Aviation Authority (HKCAA) is investigating introducing stricter regulations for drone owners . The HKCAA are proposing that UAV users may impecuniousness to register their drones with authorities, undertake training, pass tests, and meet certain insurance requirements. Under the new rules, any drone weighing over 9 ounces (250 grams) would stress to be registered and owners of drones weighing between 9 ounces and 15. 5 lbs (7 kgs) would need to undertake short web-based training. Hong Kong will go to a three month period of public consultation before making any changes. The current laws are widely viewed as not suitable in light of recent advances in technology. The proposal will also include making certain parts of the island into no-fly zones. As it stands, while some countries do make people to register their drones – the need to obtain a license to fly is rare. A selection of countries where flying consumer drones is abstruse or forbidden. North Korea : “Really. ” I hear you saying, “North Korea is chiefly such a bastion of freedom and human rights. ” Unsurprisingly, flying drones is totally forbidden in the Stylite Kingdom. After all, if you are an authoritarian dictator, you don’t want prisoners (North Korean citizens) gaining a glimbse of openness, right. Paraguay : All drone operations must be registered with the Paraguayan airforce. Antartica : Not too many people living here but the foreign community have agreed to ban recreational drones along coastal areas of the frozen continent. This law is in place to keep disturbing the unique wildlife inhabiting the coastal zones. Nepal : Any drone equipped with a camera needs acquiescence to fly. Saudi Arabia : It’s banned. Source: www.wetalkuav.com
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    DroneHangar Lite FPV 250 Racing Drone Sissy Bag/Backpack. Constructed using high-quality 1000 Denier Cordura nylon, it performs perfectly for getting your FPV machinery to ...

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    Amazon.com: ARRIS X-Belt along 250B V2 250 FPV Quadcopter Racing Drone RTF W/ Flycolor Raptor 390 Tower 4-in-1 (30A ESC + F3 + OSD + PDB): Toys & Games

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    This tutorial explains what mini quad racing is, why FPV drone racing is getting sought-after, tips on getting started and the components building a quadcopter.