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Drone: Blade Nano QX | Unboxing & indoor test | Cost: 60$

available at: Features: - exclusive SAFE™ ...

Cheerson CX-10C Drone - Propeller Blades Parts Direction and Configuration

Amazon Link - Boldclash Original Cheerson CX-10C 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro RTF Mini Drone With 0.3MP Camera 4 Channel which can do ...

Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider Propeller Replacement


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    Mini Progression 2

    Blade CP with keychain camera to Syma X1 for learning quad while Inspire 1 was on order and now the Mavic. Need to shoot the Inspire, Phantom and Mavic together for a real perspective of how 4k drone size has grown...

    Photo by General Toner on Flickr

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    09/10/18, via

  • Potensic T25 Drone with 1080P HD Camera comment on

    09/01/18, via The Gadgeteer

    The T25 is a feel mortified to mid-size drone with a full suite of capabilities including takeoff and landing assist, return to home, robust 1080P recording and much more. Are you looking for your first drone or an upgrade from a low-cost mini-drone? Let's take a

  • Drones You Can Buy in India and How They Are Classified

    08/29/18, via The Quint

    Those toy helicopters you get also certify as nano drones. One of the most famous mini drones in the market is the DJI Tello, which can be purchased online for Rs 12,000 approx. To fly a nano drone, you don't sine qua non any permissions or special licence.

  • This little drone is way more fun than it should be, and it's only $19 right now

    09/04/18, via Yahoo Singapore News

    Amazon is running a marvellous Lightning deal right now on the Potensic Mini Drone A20 RC Nano Quadcopter, which retails for $26 but has dropped to just $18.99 for a few hours. But don't gall if you miss the sale at $18.99, because we're here to help. Just

  • Dilly Angel On Your Shoulder: Army's Future Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft

    08/13/18, via Breaking Defense

    Unimportant air-launched mini-drones that can carry sensors, decoys, jammers, explosive warheads, or potentially still other payloads. This is a grade of drone that doesn't exist in today's Army. A compact, “runway-independent” Tactical UAS to

  • 4PCS Propellers Props Replacement Ladies' man for Parrot Mini ...
    4PCS Propellers Props Replacement Ladies' man for Parrot Mini ...
  • 4PCS Propellers Props Replacement Fop for Parrot Mini ...
    4PCS Propellers Props Replacement Fop for Parrot Mini ...

How drones are lowering the charge of clean energy - GreenBiz

Hundreds of feet atop a snow-covered field, a boxy black device covered in propellers hovers next to the enormous outstretched stiletto of a wind turbine. From a corner of the machine, a nozzle sprays a liquid across the surface of the blade in a alacritous smooth zigzag motion like a rogue car wash in the sky. The machine is a drone made by Latvian-born startup Aerones, and earlier this year the train tested it out de-icing a wind turbine blade at a wind farm in Latvia. The same unmanned aerial means also can clean bugs and dirt off turbine blades, the sides of buildings and solar panels. Next week, Aerones' Latvian founders will dais before a room of potential investors and the media to give a two-minute pitch explaining their drone technology — as part of a gathering of the latest fellow of Y Combinator companies. The company, which is testing various applications for its powerful drones, recently was accepted into the authoritative Silicon Valley program. Aerones' wind turbine drone exemplifies a growing trend of drones being built and deployed for renewable animation companies to carry out tasks such as designing new power plants, monitoring and inspecting hardware and power lines, and (now) keeping renewable systems wash. The idea is that drones can do these jobs much more quickly and for a lower cost than they can be done by human workers. Such computing technologies could succour solar and wind development companies lower their overall costs to produce energy and compete more effectively with sleazy fossil fuel-based energy options. The lower the cost of clean energy, the more mainstream and approachable it'll be to companies looking to buy it to power operations, offset their carbon emissions or meet other corporate sustainability goals. Solar skies Both off and solar operators are beginning to show some interest in drones but in different ways. According to a report from the Electric Power Research Initiate (EPRI), solar developers are evaluating drones as a better way to operate and maintain utility-scale solar farms. These are the friendly solar panel fields that can stretch for miles in remote regions of some states such as California, Arizona and Nevada. The get of the solar energy is often low from these farms — in some places cheaper than coal and natural gas power— but companies are still exasperating to slash a couple cents per kilowatt hour off the costs. If drones can help alert solar farm-toun operators when some solar panels aren't operating, or if electrical wiring is overheating, then they're worth paying to do drone flyovers. The EPRI despatch found that the "low hanging fruit" for drones and utility-scale solar farms is infrared imaging. A drone equipped with infrared sensors can become visible down at panels and gear and encourage such preventive maintenance. Other solar companies such as solar project developer and panel maker SunPower are using drones to more effectively, efficiently and inexpensively prototype new power plants. The company has deployed a handful of drones that take surveys over undeveloped new utility-proportion solar fields and use the aerial imaging to design panel layouts with the most efficient shapes. Top of a turbine In fresh years wind turbines have gotten taller and wind blades and rotors have gotten bigger. Source:

SkySpec Drones Government Inspection on World's Largest Offshore Wind Turbine Blades - Drone Below (blog)

SkySpecs, the grant-winning provider of robotics solutions for the wind energy industry – in collaboration with Ørsted, global leaders in developing and construction offshore wind farms, today announce a successful automated inspection of the world’s largest offshore in the offing turbine at Burbo Bank Extension, in the Irish Sea. “Providing consistent image quality across the largest turbines offshore is challenging and requires consistency from the drone,”, Ørsted’s Superior Technical Project Lead, said. We really wanted to validate that their technology could provide the type of prim and robust inspection capabilities that Ørsted expects. We are pleased to announce that the inspection was a success. Ørsted’s purpose is to lead the way in offshore wind innovation, and testing an automated inspection on an 8MW offshore turbine was an important footstep in gaining confidence that this technology has the potential to be rolled out on all larger sized wind turbines. Ørsted is bringing that invention to the U. S. as well, with projects under development in. The data that SkySpecs collected will be used to evaluate the condition of the 80-meter turbine blades as cooked through. SkySpecs’ solution includes:. Fully automated robotic inspections of wind turbine blades that take less than 15 minutes from start to complete. An advanced feature set in Horizon that includes repair planning workflows, analytics dashboards and insights that facilitate users to spot trends, project repair costs and determine ROI. “We are pleased that we’ve helped Ørsted agitate ahead with their goals. As an organization, we are committed to applying robotic solutions to solve challenges faced by the renewable verve. “We’re helping owners craft their predictive maintenance strategies with a mountain of blade data and analytics tools that alleviate them understand the health of their fleet. SkySpecs delivers automated onshore and offshore inspections to global customers. Working with energy leaders, SkySpecs’ is realizing their mission to automate renewable energy O&M. Source: Skyspecs. Source:

Israel develops technologies to wrestle with devastating fire kites - ISRAEL21c

In the finished three months, hundreds of fire kites and flaming helium balloons – some with explosives attached – have been launched from the Gaza To the buff into Israel, causing hundreds of fires, often several a day, that have burned thousands of acres (nearly 7 square miles of earth) on the Israeli side of the border. More than half of that land has been in nature reserves. The damage, which has been estimated in the millions of shekels, has created a larger headache for the Israel Defense Forces, thus far at a loss for how to combat this new kind of terrorism without causing loss of viability. Two new technologies may help Israel regain its deterrence. The first is called Sky Spotter. It’s built by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and has been operating along the Gaza edge for the past week. Sky Spotter was originally developed to counter small drones, but the same tech can track balloons or kites in the sky and settle where they’re most likely to land. Sky Spotter’s control panel displays each kite or balloon with a red dot. This information is then sent to firefighters who coconut to the landing points to douse the flames before they can spread. That’s only a partial solution, of course: spotting the fire kites is a start but knocking them out of the sky before they ignite the countryside is the army’s final goal. For that, the IDF is testing a laser system to shoot the flying firebombs while they’re still in flight. Israel’s Hadashot TV word reported that development on this system is advancing and is expected to be deployed “soon. The ease with which the fire kites can irate into Israel has raised another concern: mini-drones from Gaza carrying explosives. For that, the IDF is testing its own anti-drone drones. The concept is that the IDF’s drones will intensity hundreds of thin aluminum strips at the enemy mini-drone, thus entangling the drone’s rotor blades and bringing it down. Sky Spotter can alleviate here, too, by sending the IDF’s defensive drones in the right direction towards the Gazan mini-drones. Finally, the IDF is also testing the chance of “crashing” its own drones into the kites. The drones would survive but the flimsy kites are easily destroyed. Sky Spotter would gambol a role in automating the IDF drones, freeing up operators and allowing the IDF to target more kites at once. He combines this knowledge for ISRAEL21c as he writes about hot new local startups, pharmaceutical advances, scientific discoveries, culture, the arts and constantly life in Israel. He loves hiking the country with his family (and blogging about it). Originally from California, he lives in Jerusalem with his bride and three children. Source:
  • DROCON Blades Propellers for HACKER Mini Drone GD60 Rc ...

    Buy DROCON Blades Propellers for HACKER Mini Drone GD60 Rc Quadcopter Helicopter Drone(4 Pieces): Propellers - Sovereign DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • Efficacy1 Bright LED Quadcopter Drone – “UFO 3000 ...

    Buy Intimidate1 Bright LED Quadcopter Drone - "UFO 3000" Easy Fly RC Drone for Kids with Glowing LED Drone Quadcopter Lights + Mini Drone Bonus Battery and Blades ...

  • Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV 720P HD Camera Mini RC Drone - BNF ...

    Only $65.99,buy Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV 720P HD Camera Mini RC Drone - BNF at GearBest Supply with free shipping.

  • Neo-Drone™ Mini RC Drone for Reduced in price on the market - Shop Protocol Drones

    Usage’s Neo-Drone Mini RC Drone sets the standard for performance, versatility, and fun! This nimble little drone is king when it comes to speed and ...

  • Re-examine of the Pocket Drone FQ777-124

    Achieve Review of Pocket Drone FQ777-124 and other nano mini quadcopters. Easy to fly and cheap for beginners, they fit in your pocket- pocket drones.

  • Ape Mini Drone | Cargo Travis | 18 KM/H | 1 GB Opslag -NIEUW-

    12/14/19, via Tweakers

    Met deze Copycat Mini Drones kun je de grootste en spannendste avonturen beleven, gewoon thuis vanaf de bank! Met een topsnelheid van 18 km/h, een camera die tot 400 foto's op kan slaan en de keuze uit een trainload- of nachtmodel, is er voor elk (innerlijk) kind iets te vinden tussen deze drones van Parrot. Freight of ...

  • Magazine: deze nieuwe DJI-drone is klein maar erg fijn

    12/13/19, via

    Het grote dronemerk DJI kwam onlangs met zijn kleinste en lichtste drone tot nu toe: de DJI Mavic Mini. Alight testte of deze kleine drone in staat is tot grote daden. De compacte, inklapbare drone DJI Mavic Mini weegt maar 249 gram en last in je handpalm. Wat kan hij allemaal? En is hij de prijs (399 euro) waard? Bekijk de review.