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Brushless GPS Camera Gimbal Drone - AOSENMA CG035 - TheRcSaylors

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/3mJgoh We have had this drone ready to test out for a while now, and we finally brought it with us to review. The AOSENMA CG035 ...

FreeX Low Cost GPS Gimbal Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This GPS drone may currently be the lowest priced GPS quadcopter with an included gimbal. It's also extremely fast. Find it here ...

Beginner Camera Drone with a GIMBAL for Cheap! - WLtoys Q696-D - TheRcSaylors

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/XeNWEK Our first "toy grade" drone with a gimbal that actually works! We have been very impressed with WLtoys throughout 2017, and ...

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    DJI Phantom Test Shots

    365 Project - Day 276 I took the DJI Phantom for a first test flight today. It is such an amazing device: The GPS assisted flying is very easy the gimbal is rock steady, getting a live picture from the camera while...

    Photo by Dembo on Flickr

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    Rolling Hills

    Taken with my DJI Phantom Quadcopter

    Photo by Dirk Dallas on Flickr

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    09/10/18, via

  • Most desirable Drones 2018: The 6 best drones you can buy | Trusted Reviews

    09/10/18, via TrustedReviews

    Looking to buy a flying faction to help you shoot some soaring, cinematic videos? We've rounded up all of the best ones we've tested so far.

  • It flies and floats! The Spry drone wants to get the better of both the sky and sea

    08/29/18, via Digital Trends

    With the GPS, the drone offers depart patterns like auto follow and object orbit, along with options like returning to the leader's position and holding the drone's position in the air. The mobile app also allows pilots to pre-set a flight path using

  • Drones for Boats

    09/07/18, via Boating Magazine (press release)

    Now you can also look down from surpassing on your boat, thanks to the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control feature built into the Raymarine Axiom and Axiom Pro MFDs. This pelagic-electronics first allows boaters to connect to a series UAV video drones

  • DJI Mavic 2 upon: Two fantastic drones, one tough choice

    09/06/18, via Engadget

    The Pro and Zoom are indistinguishable apart from the cameras and gimbals, and both versions of the Mavic 2 improve on the original Mavic's specs in just about every angle, from image quality to obstacle avoidance. But all this tech doesn't come cheap. At $1

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    XK X500 RC GPS Drone with 2 Axis Gimbal Camera Mount | eBay
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    Walkera Scout X4 GPS FPV Quadcopter Drone w/ iLook+ HD ...

DJI Mavic 2 judge - TechCrunch

It wasn’t a unequalled product, to be sure, but it represented a new paradigm for DJI and the consumer drone industry in general. It was compact, folding up into a nice, compact package, while still being portable enough to shove into a backpack. It was also the beginning of a new line for the company, paving the way for the Mavic Air and Spark — both even more portable than their forerunner. In the two years since it was introduced, however, the company hasn’t touched the flagship product. That changed early this month, when the cast revealed the Mavic 2 at an event in Brooklyn. Even more so than the original, the Mavic 2 is focused on imagining. In fact, the camera is so prime to the update that the company actually split the product into two SKUs — the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. The front-fa camera is the only real distinction between the two devices. It’s a bit of confusing branding, perhaps — especially in a line that already contains several many models. More to to the point, it’s a bit disappointing after the initial round of rumors suggested that the company might be introducing a drone with a modular gimbal. Conjecture the possibilities of swappable cameras for photography professions. That, sadly, will have to wait for a future update. Beyond the camera, the update over its forebear is fairly minimal given the two-year gap. In fact, I’d like to say upfront that this isn’t really enough to justify a purchase for those who own the first rendition — unless, of course, you’ve crashed it into one too many birdhouses. Of course, drones are not smartphones, and as such, they really shouldn’t be held to the same standards. And actually, just about all of the upgrades are welcome here. If there’s one nit to pick, it’s that the new Mavic is notably larger than the original. It’s a surprising move, given how essential bulk and portability are to the whole enterprise. This is due, in part, to the fact that the company has made some aesthetic changes in the name of making the article more aerodynamic. The Mavic 2 is capable of traveling up to 44 miles an hour — pretty zippy for a mainstream consumer drone of its size. Of assuredly, in order to support a heavier drone, you need a heavier battery, which in turn makes the whole thing heavier. The other downside: The new drone doesn’t trade with the old one’s batteries. Even so, the company’s managed to squeeze more life out of the thing, upping life from 28 to 31 minutes. Not a lot, confident, but when it comes to these devices, every minute counts. And given the fact that the last drown I flew was the 18-journal Mavic Air, that addition makes all the difference in the world. When you’re running low on juice, the app will notify you, loudly. If you want more perpetually, the batteries are swappable, and the company has made it possible to purchase its Fly More Combo (two batteries, a multi-battery charger and additional propellers, among others) at any time for $319. There are other tweaks here and there. Raked tips on the propellers and an adjusted motor means things run more peaceably. You likely won’t notice a huge difference there, and it still sounds a bit like a lawnmower, but every little bit counts. The on-stay tracking and obstacle avoidance systems have been adjusted, as well. The latter is pretty impressive for the most. Source: techcrunch.com

Go through the Mantis Q: A drone you can control by yelling, waving, or even smiling - Digital Trends

Talk, undulate, or smile, and Yuneec’s newest drone will snap a photo. The Yuneec Mantis Q, as it’s called, integrates voice manage and 4K inside a $500 folding drone designed for adventurers, families, and UAV enthusiasts. While voice control has become increasingly garden in devices like smartphones and smart speakers, it’s a rare feature (and to our knowledge, possibly a first) for drones. Yuneec’s new drone can reportedly moved to commands like “record a video,” “take a picture,” and “take a selfie. ” You can even attend the Mantis Q on with a spoken “wake up” command. Of course, the Mantis will have to hear you for those commands to work — and Yuneec doesn’t say how adjacent you need to be in order for the drone to hear your commands, or how environmental noise like wind may play a role. If yelling at the sky isn’t your look, Yuneec has also integrated facial recognition into the drone, allowing a smile to trigger a photo from up to 13 feet away. Similarly, the quad’s built-in gambit controls allow you to trigger a shot with a wave of your hand. These fancy control options aren’t all that the Mantis brings to the board, though. The drone also boasts a number of preset flight modes, including journey, point of interest, and orbit me — as right as a tracking mode. The built-in camera shoots stills at over 4,000 pixels wide and video in 4K (3840×2160) at 30 FPS or in HD at 60 FPS — all of which can be saved onto an included MicroSD probable in either JPEG or DNG format. The camera’s 1/3. 1 inch CMOS sensor is relatively small compared to handheld cameras, but what the Mantis lacks in sensor enormousness it makes up for with a 3-axis mechanical gimbal for stabilization. Despite having enough computer power to recognize smiles, waves, and words, the Mantis Q is rated for up to 33 minutes of exaltation of larks time (in ideal conditions) on one charge. Sonar and infrared detection help the drone avoid obstacles and reach stabilized flights indoors, without the aid of GPS. The Mantis Q is also Yuneec’s first compact consumer drone that folds down into a smaller mass — a feature that has become extremely popular ever since DJI’s Mavic series hit the market a couple years ago. The Mantis Q weighs about a pelt and, once folded, measures 6. 6 by 3. 8 by 2. 2 inches. The drone ships with a controller — but you’ll have to attach your smartphone to it if you be deficient in a video uplink. Pre-orders for the drone began Tuesday. The Mantis Q ships with a controller, battery, charger, cables, and an ancillary set of propellers for about $500, or with three batteries and a shoulder bag as part of the X-Pack for $650. Source: www.digitaltrends.com
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    Drones with GPS autopilot and camera are material for great aerial filming. Review of latest DJI, Yuneec, Walkera, Autel quadcopters including Swellpro waterproof drone

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    Buy it here: https://goo.gl/3mJgoh We have had this drone expectant to test out for a while now, and we finally brought it with us to review. The AOSENMA CG035 ...

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    Pocket DJI Mavic 4K gimbal camera drones gratis thuisbezorgd.

  • How to redress Drone with GPS and Gimbal at home in Hindi ...

    Hello doston, Is video me hum GPS drone banayenge. Is drone me GPS ke saath saath Gimbal bhi laga hai jo camera ko calm rakhta hai. Hope you like the ...

  • Vind drone gimbal op Marktplaats.nl

    Veho Muvi Q Drone met GPS, 3D gimbal en Practise me Nog geen half jaar oud maar wordt te weinig gebruikt door het vliegverbod in deze regio.

  • Delfts MAVLab wereldkampioen autonoom drone-racen

    12/11/19, via engineersonline.nl

    Deze drone heeft een NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier besturingssysteem en vier stereoscopische camera's aan boord. De teams konden niet gebruik maken van GPS, uitwisseling van information of menselijke interventie - de kwaliteit van de code was dus bepalend. De competitie werd georganiseerd door de Drone Racing Fraternity (DRL) en Lockheed Martin.

  • Oppo Reno 2 parade: een gehaaide smartphone

    12/10/19, via Webwereld

    Het lijkt alsof je een gimbal gebruikt. Het toestel werkt opvallend goed met videostabilisatie en kan ... Connectiviteit & Audio De Oppo Reno 2 heeft de gebruikelijke verbindingsmogelijkheden aan boord: Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC en GPS. Je kan je toestel ook ontgrendelen door gezichtsherkenning of de vingerafdruksensor in het scherm ...