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NEW VIDEO: Flying the Rolling Spider with the new FlyPad: https://youtu.be/9pLSB4ZzBxg Lots of requests for this one… the Parrot Mini Drones Rolling Spider.

Parrot Mini Drone review - The “Rolling spider”

The Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact, palm sized quadcopter drone controlled by a smartphone and using a sophisticated sensor array of an ultrasonic ...

Parrot Rolling Spider - Tutorial #1 - Setup

Subscribe to our channel for more tutorial videos, tips & tricks : https://www.youtube.com/user/Parrot?sub_confirmation=1 Enter the world of Parrot MiniDrones, ...

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    Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider

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  • Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider On Trading for $19.99 [Deal]

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    The Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider is on traffic today for $19.99 as Amazon's Deal of the Day. That's 56% off its list price of $49.99. Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-consolidated flying drone with impressive agility. It flies indoor and outdoor with great

  • Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider consideration: an indoor drone for big kids

    08/12/14, via The Guardian

    At £90 or less the Spider is still dear for a toy, but very cheap for a drone. It will take off and hover on the spot with a touch of a button, and maintain its height and balance even when pushed against. Monstrous, flexible wheels mean it can roll

  • Scrutinize: Parrot Rolling Spider

    10/03/14, via Wired

    The Parrot Rolling Spider is a Bluetooth LE-enabled quadcopter you steer with your phone. It's the latest flying drone from the company that helped popularize smartphone-controlled copters for consumers with its AR Drone products. Weighing only 55

  • First Beginner Drones of 2018

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    The attribute of this review page is to highlight the best drones available right now for the complete novice and advanced beginner. Each rehashing here follows a simple .. The Parrot Rolling Spider is a palm-sized micro quadcopter. It's actually quite

  • Imitator Mini Drone's Rolling Spider Red From Japan EMS ...
    Imitator Mini Drone's Rolling Spider Red From Japan EMS ...
  • NEW Mimic Mini Drones Rolling Spider Red From JP | eBay
    NEW Mimic Mini Drones Rolling Spider Red From JP | eBay

Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider study: an indoor drone for big kids - The Guardian

he Minidrone Rolling Spider is the latest smartphone-controlled drone from French Bluetooth specialists Parrot - and is unquestionably the most fun it is possible to have with £90 of indoor flying toy. A tiny 55g quadrocopter, the Rolling Spider connects to an iPhone or Android (Windows Phone coming October) allowing pilots to depict barrel rolls, backflips while flying. The tiny drone is a smaller version of Parrot’s much larger (and heavier) AR Drone, which, at about £300, was one of the first place commercially available toy drones in 2010. At £90 or less the Spider is still expensive for a toy, but very cheap for a drone. Large, springy wheels mean it can roll along the floor or ceiling - and won’t damage anything it crashes into it. The small drone buzzes circa like a large insect and is sensitive to gusts of wind – strictly a fair weather or indoor toy – but is flawlessly sized to whizz around the indoor halls of even the smallest flat. Controlling the drone at up to 20m away is straightforward using a smartphone, with three choices of contain scheme. The joystick is certainly the easiest, but tilt controls are also available. Double tap the virtual pad to initiate a mid-air backflip or barrel billow. Crash into something and the rotors cut out instantly, which means the drone will drop out of the sky like a dead bird. Thankfully it is quite hale and hearty and the large flexible wheels are great at absorbing fairly hard impacts. One single 90-notes battery charge only lasts for eight minutes, but additional batteries can be bought. Source: www.theguardian.com

Critique: Parrot Rolling Spider - Wired

The Parrot Rolling Spider is a Bluetooth LE-enabled quadcopter you in check with your phone. It's the latest flying drone from the company that helped popularize smartphone-controlled copters for consumers with its AR Drone products. Weighing only 55 grams and feel mortified enough to land on your palm, this tiny take on the quadcopter is great for flying indoors. The big detachable wheels on the sides give the Rolling Spider a bouncy bar as it plummets to the ground or ricochets against the ceiling. It's marketed primarily as a kid's toy. In Parrot's comically awful "official video ", a kid sibling terrorizes his older sister with the Rolling Spider to a grating dubstep soundtrack. The kit includes some stickers in the box to personalize it, and it's got some built-in tricks that seem made for kids, like scaling the walls and captivating selfies from the air. As much as it looks like a toy, though, it's pretty fickle for a plaything. For one, it's expensive. You can find other minicopters at half the $100 prize tag that a 10-year-old can slam into the wall equally as well. Also, multicopters are generally more difficult to pilot than other RC devices because they rely so much on their sensors, and there are no auxiliary blades or wheel shafts included in the package for when (not if) one breaks. Finally, each battery only offers about 8 minutes of skein of geese, and the batteries require an hour and a half of charge time to fully recover. The Lithium Polymer batteries themselves are skilled of a much faster recharge cycle, but because each battery can only be charged through the device itself, they're limited to a slow charge. The Freeflight 3 app is positively intuitive to use, and within a few minutes you can confidently be navigating it through doorways and around furniture. This is mostly due to its clever software that utilizes an astounding array of sensors. It uses a society of ultrasonic, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, and even computer vision data to keep the copter so steady in the air, it looks like it's hanging on a operate from the ceiling. This is great for patient kids (and patient adults) who are new to flying, as it gives the pilot instant delight. The fact that Parrot has put such great effort into the onboard stabilization is surely because of the Spider's reliance on Bluetooth LE communication. Although BLE is battery-effective and allows the copter to pair with any phone (without forcing you to drop your Wi-Fi connection like its AR drone predecessors), it means that the phone "talks" to the Spider less oftentimes. BLE data rates hover around 10Hz, compared to, say, the 45Hz of an RC radio, or 50Hz of a computer mouse. This means that, as long as you give the Spider steady maneuvers, preferably with meagre pauses in between, its flight response is flawless. Shoving the controls around too quickly, like flying closely to the right and then suddenly flipping it to the left, will result in a loss of control. You'll likely end up with the copter crunching against the palisade often if you fly this way—the commands just can't always get through fast enough. If the controller can't talk to the drone, the drone has to be smart enough to control itself. That's the beauty of this little inclination:. Source: www.wired.com

First-rate Beginner Drones of 2018 - 3D Insider

Drones adapted to to be expensive which limited their appeal to a small group of people. In the last few years, drones have become extraordinarily affordable. Now any budding pilot can take to the skies and operate their own flying robot. You really can get a lot of fun and features for darned little money. You can also dive right in and learn with a higher quality craft with more features. Beginner drones can be tacky as chips, but they don’t have to be. I include some very affordable drones here, though affordability is not the sole focus. Ease-of-use and fun flying is the first priority. Welcome to the beginner’s drone guide. Beginner drones are often cheaper because they offer fewer bells and whistles. Some higher-end drones are also correct for the novice flyer. I include a few of those in this guide too. The point of this review page is to highlight the best drones nearby right now for the complete novice and advanced beginner. Each review here follows a simple and familiar format for easy notation. Under the name of each drone I introduce the product. I point out the reasons why I think it’s a good buy for beginners. I may also highlight any downsides that I dream you should know. At the end of each review there’s a simple table. From left to right: useful technical specs, the major pros, and the bigger cons. Drones are not harmless toys. That’s why the FAA requires drone owners to register drones over a certain weight. Solid practices promote responsible flying by following specific rules. We specify whether the beginner drone in our guide needs to be registered. Registration is reasonably at just $5 and it takes just a couple of minutes to complete. Don’t let drone registration requirements turn you off. There are things you need to cognizant of about any type of drone. This includes safe flying zones, speed, height, registration, and a few other things. Read my article for more: Before You Fly Your Drone. Piloting consumer drones requires inexorable skills. The more a drone offers in terms of features, speed, and power, the more experience you’ll need to handle it well and in safe keeping. anyone can pilot a drone. It does, however, require some knowledge and practice. A beginner’s remote control drone provides a stepping stone to greater things. Drones today proposition a lot of fun-packed features and flight modes for you to enjoy. This guide is for complete and advanced beginners. Whichever ranking you fall into I suggest you look for a quadcopter, also called a quadrotor. These are stable and reliable helicopters with four rotors built onto an H or X fabric. A quadcopter’s four propellers generate enough lift to carry a camera and a gimbal. A gimbal is a mechanical hallmark that helps to keep your camera steady while taking photos or shooting video. You can buy quadcopters in either kit form (self-erection) or ready to fly (RTF) right out of the box. In this beginner’s guide, I keep everything simple by sticking to pre-built and semi-assembled drones. If you’re a out-and-out novice, look over my cheapest, most basic picks. An inexpensive UAV can still take a good battering. The most portentous thing here is the availability of. Source: 3dinsider.com
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