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Parrot Bebop Upgrade Battery 2500Mah VS OEM Test

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    You now get 30 minutes of beat a retreat per battery – and Parrot includes two cells with the drone. Also bundled with the Power is a remote control and a pair of FPV goggles. Strap on the collapsible Cockpitglasses 2, pass over in your smartphone and you can

  • Parrot unveils ANAFI Line, a quick-deploying, easy-to-use, foldable compact drone designed for construction

    09/05/18, via Equipment World Magazine

    Another phlegmatic aspect of this system is that it comes with four batteries, each giving the ANAFI a respectable 25 minutes of flight at intervals. And if you do somehow drain all those batteries, Parrot says the drone's USB-C charging system allows for quick

  • Parrot Anafi criticism: A compact drone that's blind as a bat

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    Impelling backwards, you have the fan (for cooling), the drone's processor (located under the Parrot logo), and the 2,700mAh battery is on the rear. The drone's power button, four LED lights, and USB-C charging seaport can be found on the battery compartment

  • DJI's Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom liking drone photography to new heights

    09/06/18, via The Verge

    Still, the cleverness to optically and digitally zoom does completely change how you shoot with your drone, and it can create shots you usually don't see on multitudinous drones, excluding Parrot's Anafi that came out earlier this year. Lastly, these are the first

  • 2500 mAH 20C Li-Po Upgrade Mighty Battery for Parrot AR ...
    2500 mAH 20C Li-Po Upgrade Mighty Battery for Parrot AR ...
  • 2500mAH Lipo Battery +Celerity Balance Charger For Parrot AR ...
    2500mAH Lipo Battery +Celerity Balance Charger For Parrot AR ...

DJI's Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom take hold drone photography to new heights - The Verge

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to gain strength your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. To upon out more or to opt-out, please read our Cookie Policy. In addition, please read our Privacy Policy, which has also been updated and became possessions May 23rd, 2018. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Drone photography and videography has been around for a tons of years, thanks to the popularity of drones from DJI and others. But if you’ve spent any amount of time looking at drone photos on Instagram, you’ve presumably noticed that the images and video from drones all look very similar, and things can get stale pretty instantly. DJI’s new Mavic 2 drones are here to change that, thanks to the improved image quality on the Mavic 2 Pro and greater compositional compliance on the Mavic 2 Zoom. In addition to their new photographic capabilities, the $1,449 Mavic 2 Pro and $1,249 Mavic 2 Zoom are advanced, gentle to fly, and reliable consumer drones. They are the kinds of tools that work so well that they fade away into the background, letting you core on the creative things they are capable of, instead of worrying about whether or not they’re going to fall out of the sky. The Mavic 2s have the same foldable conception as the original Mavic. They look almost identical, but they’re slightly bigger and noticeably heavier than the one that started the Mavic cable. Despite the weight, it’s still a very portable drone, especially compared to something like a Phantom. Both the Pro and Zoom have the same props as the Mavic Pro Platinum, which lets them fly softly. I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy that change over the Mavic Air I’ve spent most of my time flying. Both models have 8GB of internal storage, which is a bit too young for a video-focused drone, but it’s mostly used as a backup if you forget to insert a microSD card. In order to get this footage onto your computer, you can use the USB-C harbour found on the side of the Mavic 2s. Just like the one on the Mavic Air, this one also won’t charge your battery. And I wish the remote controller would also switch to USB-C charging to jail things tidier. Speaking of the remote, it’s very similar to what you had with the original Mavic, but there are two new features. It’s a bit odd talking about model when it comes to a drone. I don’t expect them to be pretty gadgets, but since the Mavic Air was so well-designed, I feel like I need to lavish a moment talking about it. I am not the biggest fan of this design: the boring gray color, hard edges on the legs, and the rubberized SD be unsecretive slot cover. It just didn’t impress me as much as some other drones. But this drone isn’t necessarily designed to be aesthetically pleasing. it’s designed to broadcast aesthetically pleasing footage. The biggest difference between the Pro and the Zoom is the camera. It’s been a few years since DJI acquired a majority wager in legendary Swedish camera maker Hasselblad, and we’re finally seeing it pay off for the consumer. The Hasselblad camera in the Pro. Source: www.theverge.com

senseFly eBee X and the Parrot ANAFI Travail Designed to Help Professionals Work More Efficiently - Commercial UAV News

With the start of InterDrone 2018, Parrot unveiled two new drone solutions to improve “professionals work more efficiently, cut costs, reduce worker risk and make better decisions”. The eBee X and the ANAFI Industry are both designed to make drone operations easier for a variety of commercial operators. The eBee X. Suited for surveying and construction companies, obtain and mine operators, agronomists and forestry engineers and more, the senseFly fixed-wing eBee X is prepared to avail the quality, efficiency and safety of geospatial professionals’ data collection. By flying for up to 90 minutes, the drone is accomplished of mapping up to 500 ha at around 400 ft altitude, and achieve down to 3 cm accuracy without ground control points (GCP). “These are designs that are edifice on 10 years of experience and insight,” said Jean Thomas Celette, CSO senseFly. “Our customers wanted to streamline numerous operations while also opening up new opportunities, and that’s what we’ve provided with this modular design that increases the flight time while also giving them 3 new sensors. The eBee X is compatible with Parrot’s whilom cameras – the Sequoia+ multispectral, the senseFly S. O. D. A., and senseFly Corridor -, but it also includes a range of new camera options. The senseFly S. O. D. A. 3D is for digital 3D reconstructions in vertically-focused environments, which changes bearings during the flight to take three photos instead of one per pass, resulting in a 156º field-of-view corporealization. The senseFly Aeria X is designed for mapping, featuring a DSLR-like image quality, and Smart Uncovering technology to provide “outstanding image detail and clarity, in virtually all light conditions”. Finally, the dual-camera thermal mapping rig, senseFly Duet T, is designed to conceive geo-accurate thermal maps and digital surface models quickly and easily. Rugged and reliable to toil in every site, the drone also features a new Steep Landing technology, enabling you to map complex sites in space-restricted locations. “The opportunities opened up by these new sensors is unreservedly incredible,” Celette told Commercial UAV News, “Users are going to be able to keep their drones in the air that much longer and pucker the information they’ve always wanted to capture. The eBee X is available now, and includes senseFly’s eMotion flight planning and figures management software. Ideal for construction monitoring, surveillance, public safety and video production tasks, the ANAFI M is an ultra-compact, lightweight (0. 7 lb), foldable drone that flies for 25 minutes per battery (four batteries included with the drone), withstands boloney of up to 31 mi per hour, and maintains a strong radio connection, thanks to four dual-band antennas embedded in the drone. “With ANAFI Labour, we are bringing an easy-to-use yet advanced flying imaging system to the professional market,” said Gilles Labossière, the Official Vice President and COO of Parrot Group. “With this compact, high-performance 4K drone in their toolkit, professionals can gain a very true efficiency and safety boost, achieving accurate aerial insights with ease”. Equipped with a 4K HDR video, 21 MP costly-resolution, three-axis stabilization system camera, the ANAFI Work shoots ultra-calm videos and takes steady photos. Source: www.expouav.com

Parrot Anafi Regard: Good Drone with No-Goes - Drone Below (blog)

Range & Weight Parrot uses with its Anafi various carbon components, which makes the drone particularly light, weighing in at just 320 grams on the scales. When folded, the drone measures approximately 245 x 65 x 65 millimeters, and when unfolded, the drone is now 185 millimeters great, still 65 millimeters high and 240 millimeters wide. In our test, drone also proved very robust – a resort to from about 2. 5 metres resulted in the drone surviving with just a few scratches. Speed Parrot indicates the maximum horizontal speed at 55 km/h. In the proof, we were able to regularly accelerate to over 60 km/h in Sport mode. Able to take off vertically at a speed of 14 km/h, the drone also has a talkie mode in which the drone flies slowly to allow the smoothest possible camera movements. We noticed that the drone is moving exceptionally slowly with the default settings in both modes – especially on its own axis. Luckily you can adjust the speed (more on this under Controller & App). Flight All at once & Load Time We can confirm the maximum flight time of 25 minutes specified by Parrot. With constant video recording with opposite camera shots, some maneuvers and high-speed flights, the battery kept in the test regularly between 21 and 25 minutes. By chance, the battery has a capacity of 2700 mAh and is charged via USB-C. Unfortunately there is no power supply, so you have to buy this extra. Or you use a power adapter of your smartphone or scratch pad. You can also charge it via the USB port of your PC. In the test we have a conventional smartphone power supply with 5V / 2. 5A. It takes about four hours until the battery is fully charged – that’s extended. The battery has a maximum charging power of 24 watts, you could load the battery faster with an appropriate power supply, but you have to think about two and a half hours. Here it would be better if Parrot enclose its own power supply or at least would offer for sale, which is tailored to their own batteries. Compass The connection between controller and drone is via WLAN with 2. 4 or 5. 8 GHz and allows a maximum range of four kilometres. In MO = 'modus operandi' however, the connection was already poor after a distance of 150 metres. Otherwise, the connection is very stable and the Anafi responds on the double to commands. Screenshots from Parrot’s own website indicate the behaviour of the drone under different levels of wifi connectivity. For positioning, the drone uses GPS and GLONASS for positioning. Source: dronebelow.com
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    Parrot AR.Drone is a discontinued standoffish controlled flying quadcopter helicopter built by the French company Parrot. The drone is designed to be controlled by mobile ...

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    Met deze Ape Mini Drones kun je de grootste en spannendste avonturen beleven, gewoon thuis vanaf de bank! Met een topsnelheid van 18 km/h, een camera die tot 400 foto's op kan slaan en de keuze uit een merchandise- of nachtmodel, is er voor elk (innerlijk) kind iets te vinden tussen deze drones van Parrot.https://tweakimg.net/g/px.gif Truckload of ...